What is private Cloud

Private Cloud - Cloud types

There are different definitions on what does Cloud Computing mean and use models. So here are our definitions to avoid any wrong expectation !

SaaS : Software as a Service, you access through internet to an external application service. Instead of purchasing license to be installed on premise, you suscribe to use the service of a specific application. You do not care of maintaining the application (patch & upgrades are made behind the scene). Typical consumers are directly users.

PaaS : Platform as a Service, you access to a development environment remotely where you can design and develop your own application to be then made available as SaaS from this given environment. Again maintenance of the environment is made behind the scene. Typical consumers are developers.

IaaS : Infrastructure as a Service, you access to IT infrastructures on demand: compute, storage, network are sized according to requirements and charged according to usage.  Here you do not care of the physical infrastructure (whether this is IT related or Data Center related) nor the power to make it running. Typical consumers are IT architects or system administrators.


Where VCODYNE stands ?

We are focusing on providing physical infrastructures with the flexibility of the cloud, so we are an IaaS provider. In the IaaS field, traditionally only OS is provided as a minimum software stack. Since we are serving customers willing to benefit from distributed computing, VCODYNE provides not just servers but a cluster ready to use, including a readily configured Work Load Manager (WLM) in order to distribute jobs across the compute farm. Through specific integrations, the cluster could then be flexed (grow, shrink) on demand, even automatically driven by changing amounts of workload.

Where VCODYNE stands?

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