Cluster On Demand™


September 21, 2011

VCODYNE invited key note at the 4th Workshop Grid and Cloud Technology for the Design of Technical Systems, hosted by Fraunhofer IIS (Design Automation Division), September 21-22, 2011, Dresden (Germany).

Cloud - technology and beyond Legal and operations aspects of high performing Clouds for EDA

EDA benefits from regulated markets requirements and the according solutions since they assure protection of intellectual property and best possible security. VCODYNE introduces Cluster on Demand™ to answer the request for performance, legal compliance and data privacy. Operations procedures are designed according to European Data Directive requirements. Dedicated distributed storage is chosen to meet performance needs for component libraries, result aggregation, and shared temp / scratch space during job runtime. Full machine access (root) with flexibility of OS install and patch choice assure compatibility with high value legacy applications. So inhouse environments can be replicated with minimal effort, no customer lockin, no migration burden.


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