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Founded by grid veterans, our extended team is consolidating expertise with core competencies in different fields like : workload management, system administration, cluster provisioning, multiclustering, software development, high throughput computing, high performance computing.

We think current Cloud Computing paradigm is offering tremendous opportunities to provide more flexibilities for business process, applications or infrastructures requirements. But belonging from both the Enterprise world and the High Performance Computing world we think performance, security, reliability are still requested to be better addressed.
Thus the idea to provide Cluster On Demand on fully dedicated physical infrastructures. It’s like running your own internal infrastructure but remotely, like with a satellite site. You keep control and you can proliferate any given software stack.

Benefits for large companies, whether they are already used to leverage grid computing techniques internally or not, is then to offload their peak usages.
Benefits for SMEs (or even  business units from enterprises) are obvious by accessing already set-up high end environments without the need to invest massively and maintain IT infrastructures or expert human resources.

We  develop our own solutions as well as partner with leaders in order to offer you the right ecosystem  and focus on your requirements.


VCODYNE SAS is a fully private owned company

Registered in France:
512 887 787 RCS Versailles

VAT: FR00512887787

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